About Me

I have made lots of money and I have lost lots of money and all the while I was like a reluctant passenger on a small boat careening across a crazy snappy sea. In the meantime I’ve been married, bought a house and become a father.

I never wanted to be cubicled. My main desire as far as work goes is to be free. I don’t have material desires. I only want security for my family.

For twelve years I traded. I’m now onto the next journey. This blog will be about that mostly. Taking that next step into the darkness when you have to worry about feeding two kids, keeping your wife happy, and maintaining a house.

Hopefully it morphs into something about perseverance and transcendence.

Enjoy and share, thanks for reading!


4 responses

  1. Security for your family is a material desire. (A respectable one, but material nonetheless).

    When I left Wall Street so many guys told me they couldn’t afford to do it because they had three kids in private Manhattan schools. I told them they could but they’d have to decide whether time with their happy father or time in a school with a bunch of other kids with unhappy fathers was best for them.

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